Christ is the Question

This season of Lent I contributed to a series of reflections from Middletown Christian Church themed “Questions of the Soul”. I have long been fascinated by the question-answer motif in spiritual conversations, and more recently I discovered the work of Wayne Meeks and his book titled Christ is the Question. My blog post (follow link…

Censoring the Top 40 | The Christian Century

Censoring the Top 40 | The Christian Century. Loved this reflection on (presumed) social sensitivity to language and censorship.  I wonder what this might mean for Christian worship (linguistic decorum vs. honest probing of “dark areas” of life with all the expressive tools necessary to go there)?

Originally posted on Irreverin:
It’s here! It’s here! The October Pottery Barn catalog…be still my heart. I mean, it might be 105 in the shade outside. But inside, with me and my coffee and my favorite leather club chair (which did NOT come from Pottery Barn) it is nothing but fall bliss. Pumpkins, colored leaves,…


I was referred to this great blog post (link below) by a clergy friend.  I read it twice.  I’m a pleaser, and, to make matters worse, a perfectionist.  Thankfully, when the perfectionist inside me finds out that excellent leadership involves “letting go” of working so hard to make everyone like you, then I have a…

The Last Days

I’ve recently been on mission trip to Haiti.  You can find my reflections and pictures by checking out the posts on my mission blog, including the final post The Last Days.  Enjoy!