A few months ago, a colleague invited me to share the product (and story) of a shared project at Middletown Christian Church between our youth and children’s ministry. As I transition to a new role in ministry and a new church–Senior Pastor at South Elkhorn Christian Church–I’m reminded of the importance of connections.  Connections are not just important for children and youth as they develop and grow; they are for all of us as we journey in companionship on “the way” of God. I’m thankful for my opportunity to experience how rich connections between children and youth and adults invigorate trajectories of hope. I’m especially grateful for the experience of working with ministers who not only have a fierce commitment to young people, but also value (and practice!) collaboration and shared vision. Tomara Brown, Miriam Georg, and Tammy Bradley, you are awesome.

I’m also thankful for the great work of our Disciple’s Family & Children’s Ministries. They just launched a new website (beta testing) with resources and some great blog posts, including the one I was invited to share called “Connected.”




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