The News

With both gladness and sadness, Rebecca and I can now share the news that we will be moving to Lexington, Kentucky. I’ve been called to serve as the senior pastor of South Elkhorn Christian Church and Rebecca will be working at Stratton Eyes. Choosing to embark on this new chapter was neither simple nor easy. We love Louisville, Middletown Christian Church, and all the people who have welcomed, supported, and enriched us in our time here: from David Emery and Tomara Brown who have mentored me, challenged me, and unleashed me, to the energetic neighbor girls down the street who made summer paintings with me and Rebecca on our driveway. We will especially miss our amazing youth and being so close to my immediate family. I will miss Trinitarian handshakes and ridiculous Batman antics. I will miss youth who have opened their hearts to me and Rebecca, and who ask the most probing, provocative questions (so, why didn’t Adam name any dinosaurs?). I will miss family who can easily invite us over for cards or to watch Downton Abbey (yes, I love that show).

We are also excited about what the future will bring as we have already been so warmly welcomed and inspired by the dedicated leaders and friendly faces who call South Elkhorn home. We look forward to sharing that home with you! We can’t wait to meet each of you, call you “friend”, and experience the joy of sacred surprises yet to come.

Here is the link to my formal resignation letter, which only begins to express all the emotions that are swirling within me and Rebecca. We hope to share important conversations and “awkward hugs” with those of you in Louisville as we begin the transition process. Rebecca and I covet your prayers as we get our house ready for sale and prepare to look for a new home in Lexington. Lots of details to work out, for sure. Thank you for all the ways you’ve already expressed your support, encouragement, and love.


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