Tweeting the Bible

This is a great post from my friend and colleague Kory Wilcoxson! Enjoy!

Thoughts on God...and other stuff

I tried an experiment last Sunday. Rather than print out my sermon manuscript to use in worship, I uploaded it to my iPad so I could preach from that. Huzzah for Mr. Green Preacher, one less tree has to die for me! What’s next, a robe made of recycled plastic? So I took the iPad into the pulpit to practice…and completely chickened out. I ran back to my office so I could print out my familiar paper copy before the service started. There was something that just felt – strange? sacrilegious? – about preaching God’s word from a piece of technology. For me, there’s a palpable irony in reading Paul’s message about not being conformed to this world from the same electronic device with which I play Words with Friends. Should there be? That’s the kind of question the church wrestling with in today’s rapidly advancing world.

This skittishness is…

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