I’m Back!

After a long time away from the blogosphere, I’m back. The busyness and transition of life has kept me too-excuse saturated.  Sure, Rebecca and I have moved to Louisville, KY, I’m now the youth minister at Middletown Christian Church, and Rebecca is a lead doctor for Dr. Mark Lynn & Associates (Dr. Bizer’s Vision World) [there’s your brief update].  Sure, I’m trying to workout and train for a mini-marathon, meaning more time in the gym and on the greenways.  But the truth of the matter is that reflecting, writing/blogging, and engaging in public discussion are things I not only miss, but need.  I need this as a person and as a minister of the gospel.

So, this Lenten season I’m returning to blogging as a spiritual practice–I’m giving something up to do so, like relentlessly reorganizing my desk or looking for a conversation to quench my extroverted desire.  I trust that the time spent blogging about life, faith, and the adventure of ministry will bring about soul nourishing, life changing, mind challenging conversation.  I invite you to stay tuned, join in, and see what happens!

To the blogosphere and beyond!


3 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. What do you mean you’re back? Who has time to read this silly stuff?


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