The young adult ministries of First Christian Church in Richmond, KY is featured on the Kentucky regional ministry Missional Moments blog. Check it out!

Missional Moments

Michael Swartzentruber, is the associate minister at FCC, Richmond, one of our original Surfing the Edge pilot congregations.

The Young Adult Ministry at FCC was meeting monthly to fellowship and grow spiritually together. Unfortunately, most all the participants recognized that the pattern of meeting, eating, and discussing had lost its luster. There was a general desire to connect in deeper ways and explore spirituality with fresh eyes. No more bland, often abstract, discussions about the theological ethics of the death penalty–however important that topic might be.

The missional posture is one that recognizes the importance and power of stories.  So the young adults decided to experiment with a new form of fellowship:  story-telling.  Not just any story or set of stories, but our own.

Each month, two members of the Young Adult fellowship share a snippet of their personal story, in written form–about one typed page in length. These stories need…

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