Moving, again!

It’s come to my attention that I have been less than active with my blog recently.  It’s true.  Life has been quite crazy recently.  And while there are few signs of life slowing down any time soon, I feel better about regaining regular posting at Michael’s Musings.  I trust you’ll continue to read and interact with the various musings that make it out into the public “blogosphere.”  I’ve truly enjoyed staying up to date with you all through this medium.

Three main events have factored into diverting my “free time” attention from blogging.  First, I began full time ministry with First Christian Church in Richmond, KY.  Jumping into ministry, especially during Lent, is anything but easy, though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the transition.

Second, I spent my first weekend as Associate Minister at FCC with the youth and youth sponsors on a service/rafting trip to North Carolina.  We had a great time getting to know one another, playing silly games, singing fun songs, worshiping together, working alongside one another at Christmount, and trying our hardest to knock one another off the rafts.  After a whirlwind weekend I had just enough time to prepare a meditation for a Sunday evening worship service.

So one would think that after all this my second week of ministry would be much less hectic.  But not so.  Rebecca and I went apartment hunting in the first part of the week and found, to our surprise, a great little place in Richmond which we immediately snagged (and just in time too!  Some folks came in after we submitted our application and wanted to rent it, but we were first in line).  So we’ve been preparing this week for our move and will spend this weekend organizing, lifting, hauling, and unpacking.

Fortunately, as my friend Tristan Orozco has already astutely pointed out, Rebecca and I are professional packers at this point–we’ve moved so many times in the last year or two I can’t even remember them all.  And, quite literally, we are “professional packers” since the church is helping us financially to make the move.

Still, free time has been in short supply, and what little of it I get, I spend relaxing with Rebecca.  We’ve enjoyed a few evenings in the quiet of our apartment, savoring the end of our time in downtown Lexington in our spacious, character-saturated apartment.  And we rest in the hope that Richmond will afford us that same quiet, even if in a different atmosphere and setting.

But don’t worry–not that you were all that concerned–I have some blog posts scheduled to publish soon.  I’m getting back into the swing of things with plenty of topics, ideas, and reflections percolating.  I hope you’ll continue to read, engage, and respond.


3 thoughts on “Moving, again!

  1. Congratulations on the new job and new apartment! You will be a gift to that church just as you were a gift to ours.
    Looking forward to following your adventures in Richmond.
    Love, Andy

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