Ministry Update

Since September 2010 I have been on (what I liked to term) a “Sabbatical.”  This has not been a vacation, in the strict sense, though I found ample time to rest from a previously busy life of school and part-time ministry.  I focused my Sabbatical on supporting Rebecca on her optometry rotations.  That meant dropping her off at work, picking her up, ironing her clothes, making sack lunches and preparing dinner, grocery shopping, and the like (what I termed “house-husbanding”).  In addition, I dabbled in learning the guitar, read some, exercised, explored the outdoors, and blogged a bunch.

In the background of all this was the search and call process (the way a Disciples minister matches with a congregation to serve).  Recently, this process moved to the foreground.  As of last Sunday, that process culminated in a call to ministry and the effective end of my Sabbatical.

So, with excitement and joy, I have accepted a call to First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Richmond, Kentucky.  I began work this week as the Associate Minister, moving in to my office and preparing for a weekend youth trip to North Carolina.

I am thankful for the prayers and support of the many people who have offered their listening ears and encouraging hearts over the past 8 months.  I plan to continue my blogging, musing on the assortment of topics I’ve already broached and (hopefully) finding new terrain to traverse, too.  Likely, the frequency with which I post will be reduced by the demands of full time ministry, but I am hopeful that I will integrate this blog into the work of ministry; reflecting and writing on the tasks and challenges that (unceasingly) saturate a life of faith.


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