Our New Kentucky Home

After many months of rotations, we departed Austin, TX with the promise of a more permanent home in Lexington, KY.  Though this was still Rebecca’s last rotation, we were eager to settle in to our new apartment and the Lexington community.  But before we could do that, we had to make the long haul from Texas to Kentucky in our luggage-laden Mittsubishi Lancer.

Before we left Austin, we were able to enjoy one last (farewell) dinner with our friends Candice and Trevor.  They graciously lavished Texan cuisine upon us as we shared laughs and good conversation.  We will greatly miss their company, but we are thankful to have established such a great relationship with them in such a short period of time.

Rebecca and Lisa

After dinner, we gathered ourselves into the car and headed for the Huntsville, Alabama(Athens, AL to be precise) area to visit our friend Lisa.

The drive would take us from about 9:30pm friday night until the early afternoon of the following day–a 14.5 hour drive had we not stopped at all for food, gas, or stretching.  Rebecca, the road warrior that she is, managed to sleep some while I drove.  I drove through the night and into the morning, but when it was my turn to rest, I could not.  I was “wired” (though I drank no caffeine).  So by the time we made it to our destination, I had been awake for the better part of 40 straight hours.

We enjoyed the hospitality and friendship of Lisa’s home for 2 days before making a short trip to Winchester, Tennessee to visit Rebecca’s high school friend, Beverly.  She took us to the Jack Daniel’s distillery nestled in the hollers of Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Our tour guide was great and quite funny, labeling the wild turkeys that ran through the distillery grounds as “spies” (the humor comes in the subtle reference to Wild Turkey Bourbon).

The Visitors Center

The 80's group "REO Speed Wagon" gets its name from one such vehicle as this historic fire engine on the grounds of the distillery

The limestone cave from which the distillery water springs “eternal”

A quote from Jack


Jack and I

After a few days with Beverly and her husband Mork, we drove toward our new Kentucky home.  Of course, though we’ve been in Kentucky many times, we simply had to stop at the state line and snap a photo.

Once we arrive in Lexington we immediately began unpacking our car and some of our storage unit (thanks to the help of my brother who stayed a couple of hours to move boxes with me).    We needed the excitement of our move to energize us as we hauled heavy boxes to and fro, moved items here and there, and walked across the floor of our new apartment until our feet ached.  We slept soundly that night.

The next morning we met our movers who helped us get the rest of our stuff into our apartment.  Well, almost all of it.  Our sofa would not make the narrow turn up the stairs into our living area–so it is sitting in the downstairs foyer waiting for plan “b” to be hatched and executed.

Our kitchen and dining room with balcony doors (we're thinking the sofa might have to come in through the balcony)


The foyer which now has a couch sitting in it

The breakfast nook at the top of the stairs leading into our living area--its mostly hidden behind boxes

The lovely stairs that are too narrow for our sofa

We're home!


3 thoughts on “Our New Kentucky Home

  1. I loved the story, especially the wild turkey spy joke — and then when I scrolled down and there was an actual picture of a wild turkey, I laughed out loud. May God bless you guys as you settle in there! : D You’ll have to tell me when you’re ready to accept visitors.

  2. love the photos of your new place. welcome home! also, jack daniels’ quote is my new inspiration. miss you guys.

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