Bluegrass or Bust!

Today is the very last day for Rebecca and me in Austin, Texas.  The winter quarter was the longest one of the year for Rebecca’s rotations.  Yet, somehow, it managed to fly by and we stand at the brink of an exciting transition: settling into our new home.  We are eagerly anticipating our new proximity to family and friends, and the chance to find jobs and community in Lexington.

Our road to Kentucky will be front-loaded with lots of driving.  We are headed to Huntsville, AL tonight to visit a friend from Centre College.  That will take 14 hours or more, depending on how slowly the early morning hours go.  Then we hop over to Winchester, TN to visit on of Rebecca’s high school friends and her husband.  After a few days there, we will make our way into Kentucky.  First we’ll go to Louisville, to pick up a Penske truck and our bed (stored at my parents place).  That night we’ll arrive in Lexington and unpack our loaded car and a few items in the truck.

Our new place is situated above a little restaurant and down the street from a coffee shop.  We will be walking distance to  a number of downtown Lexington attractions.  We are excited to resume a more urban living style.

So as we travel, we solicit your prayers and well wishes.  And if you are in Kentucky, we’d love to see you!


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