A Sunday Away

Last Sunday Rebecca and I decided to forgo church and escape the city.  The sounds of traffic, the panoply of concrete and highway, and the murmur of city life left us longing for the sweet serenity of rugged land, lightly traveled trails, and open skies.  We figured our souls could be refreshed and recharged with a trip to a nearby state park.

We departed Sunday morning for Perdenales Falls State Park about an hour from west-southwest of Austin.  From what I read, we would get our taste of Texas “hill country.”

We picked a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, 65 degree weather, light breeze.  We hiked for an hour or two before eating our packed lunch along a creek bed.

Then we headed to the falls for which the park was named.

We enjoyed the sun, the rockbeds and waterfalls, and the chance to take in the peaceful calm of it all.  Truly a great trip.  Below are a few photos from our time at the Park.

Yes, I found a small cave hidden in the rockbed.  I jumped down and squeezed through it, snapping a photo as I went.

Rebecca took in the sun, laying out on the rocks near the water.  I snuck up on her and took a few shots of this “sleeping beauty.”


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