Thanksgiving Thunder

This past Thanksgiving, Rebecca and I needed to stay in Austin because of Rebecca’s work schedule.  We were graciously invited to several Thanksgiving gatherings.  God showed us the depth and breadth of God’s hospitality through the experience of connecting and enjoying time with acquaintances-made-friends.  Thank you to all of those who invited us over, even if we could not spend time with you all.

We spent most of the afternoon with one of Rebecca’s co-workers and his family.  They opened up their home to us, offered us a delicious, bountiful meal, and shared in a few rounds of Bananagrams!  In addition, Rebecca had the rare opportunity to ride a motorcycle. I was a little nervous, not because I have a fear of motorcycles; but because Rebecca does not have a good track record with Holiday excursions of this sort.  Last Christmas she flipped a four-wheeler… twice!  I will admit, though, she is hard core; and very tough.  Thankfully, the thundering Honda cruiser she hopped onto brought her back safely–or maybe I should say she brought it back safely.  Enjoy the photos below!


The owner at the helm


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