From Ohio to Kentucky, but still Texas bound

On Halloween morn Rebecca and I departed Alliance, Ohio to begin our week-long trek across the midwest to Texas. Jokingly, Rebecca and I have dubbed our mode of transportation “the motorhome.” Our home, that is, all our belongings filling the back-end of our car, is riding along on (and severely weighing down) our 4-cylinder motor.  We’ve laughed many times already about parking our “home” in the driveways of our friends and family along our journey.  Thankfully, our friend Kory suggested we consider ourselves Hobos–that is, homeward bound.  That seems more appropriate than “recreationally homeless.”

Our journey has not taken us far from Alliance, so far.  We drove to northern Kentucky on Sunday, Lexington on Monday, and we are now in Louisville.  Today we head out to St. Louis to visit one of Rebecca’s friends from high school.  After enjoying a day with her and her husband, we’ll drive to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We don’t have any friends or relatives in Tulsa, so we will be staying in a hotel and savoring a much-needed night to ourselves.  Then, we head off to Dallas where we’ll meet up with one of Rebecca’s school-mates, Meghan, and her family.  Meghan will accompany us to Austin the following day, since she and Rebecca will be working together at the same practice in Austin.

Though it appears that rain is in the forecast in Texas on the days we arrive, the temperatures is looking mild to warm.   Rebecca and I have been informed that snow is in the forecast in Alliance.  Already the contrast in the two locations is acute–we are eager to experience winter without the reality of arctic temperatures and paralyzing snow accumulation.  In addition, we’ve discovered that the warm Austin temperatures will be around long enough for us to float down the Guadulupe River.  Hopefully we’ll get a chance to enjoy this Texas treat!


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