Reading, its just so hard to choose

I recently scrolled down my blog to discover that several months ago I placed two books on my “currently reading” list.  I did begin to read those two books, and I would like to finish them, eventually.  I’ve discovered that my reading style is like eating at a buffet.  I choose from a little here, a little there, and I try to sample a lot.  Unfortunately, while I do finish books I begin reading, I also forget certain books I’ve begun (like not finishing the vegetable medley–however tasty and healthy it may be–because the chocolate pudding looks so appetizing).  Since beginning Time and Narrative and The Meaning of Revelation I’ve managed to finish several other books.  Today I began reading two new books and discovered that, yes, I have these two others “in progress.”  So, having discovered this about myself, will I go back and finish these two books in progress, or will I return to the buffet and sample some other delectables?

Good question.  I don’t know.  One of the books I started reading, The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, is already pulling me deep into its pages.  It will be difficult to extract myself from the lure of his writing and re-engage the more academic Time and Narrative, though I’m sure I would quickly find my place in The Meaning of Revelation (I love H. Richard!).  Well, like any buffet, though its hard to choose–you don’t have to!  I can eat it all, right?  No?  Oh well, I’ll keep trying to anyway…


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