Oregon vs. Tennessee

This weekend, Phillip (my brother) and I are headed down to the recently re-seated Neyland Stadium (some 100,000+ seats) to enjoy a PAC-10 vs. SEC showdown between our beloved Oregon Ducks and the boys of rockytop, the Tennessee Volunteers.  From what I gather, Oregon is favored to win decisively (the spread is 13.5).  I anticipate a good time sporting Oregon apparel in a sea of orange UT fans.  Phillip and I hope to hang out in downtown Knoxville before catching a shuttle over to the stadium.  We trust the city will be rockin’ with festivities and pre-game life.  And we are assured that Neyland stadium will thunder for the game.

My Prediction




2 thoughts on “Oregon vs. Tennessee

  1. My son Eli and I – rabid Duck fans – will make the drive from Charlotte, NC, to Knoxville, sporting our Oregon T’s with “Lane Kiffin sux Ducks” stenciled on them.

    Hope you and your bro enjoy the game … and I hope you’re right about the score.

    • I hope you all have safe travels and an enjoyable time at the game. If I’m right about the score, that will mean, at the very least, two things:
      1) I’m prescient (I’m down with that)
      2) Saturday will be an extra treat!

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