Biking Cuyahoga Falls

This labor day weekend, Rebecca and I stole away to beautiful Cuyahoga Falls and shared a 25-mile bike ride.  I anticipated sore legs and body-wide exhaustion, but I did not expect to discover such treasure in the trees, lakes, and rolling hills of northeastern Ohio.  It was truly a memorable ride.

We enjoyed several stops along the way, where we refueled with gatorade and energy bars.  At one stop, we met a couple who gave us a few pointers on buying bicycles in the future (since we were using old road bikes borrowed from family).  We are hoping to make biking a serious part of our life, and realize that such a committment requires the right equipment.  A light, road-friendly bike does much better for the kinds of rides we are looking to experience than the cheap, Walmart mountain bikes we currently own.  While those purchases will be future expenses, we are dreaming already of the bikes and accessories that will help us enjoy God’s creation in all its diverse wonder and beauty.  Thankfully, Cuyahoga Falls does not require any more than  an open heart and adventurous spirit, both of which we brought with us.


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