CPE Graduate

Today was my last day of CPE at Montgomery Place.  The summer unit sped by, but the learning, growth, and affirmation I experienced through it will remain with me.  I am thankful to have worked with such a loving, compassionate, interested, and honest group of future clergy.  They were accepting, supportive, and trustworthy–the right mixture to create a space in which I could be vulnerable, and through that vulnerability, discover more of myself and grow into myself.  The shape of my vocation will be forever impacted by our summer together.

In addition, my supervisors were extraordinary.  They were challenging, asking me to reconsider myself and my learned ways of coping with anxiety, sadness, and anger.  Still, these challenges were saturated with care and sensitivity, an invitation to work with myself and through myself for myself.  I hope and pray that I am able to bring out the best in others by bringing them to the God-created richness of themselves.

Now that I’ve graduated from CPE, I will enjoy a week of downtime before graduating from the University of Chicago Divinity School next Friday.  I look forward to sharing that experience with Rebecca, her parents, and my parents.  We intend to celebrate by dancing to live music in Grant Park and luxuriating at the Palmer House in downtown Chicago.

Over the next week, though, I will be working on my upcoming ordination:  reviewing old papers which I submitted to the regional committee on ministry, finishing a draft of the order of service, and meeting with the ordination committee at Community Christian Church.  In addition, I hope to do some more reading, blog a little more, and journal.  May the next week be relaxing and refreshing!


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