Living at DDH

Today is day four of the bachelor life.  Rebecca is now in Ohio enjoying a week with her family before beginning her next externship in Canton.  I’m in Chicago living in the Disciples Divinity House.  It’s strange to realize that I’m ending my time in Chicago much the same way I began it–living alone at DDH.  A true book end to my experience in Chicago.

I am enjoying the prospect of focusing on the completion of CPE and shoring up plans for graduation and ordination.  I am not enjoying the reality of oppressive, humid-heavy heat in a facility absent air conditioning.  I’ve forgotten how hard it is to sleep when it feels as though the air is resting on top of you, suffocating your every breath.  No amount of fans can relieve that feeling–air just doesn’t circulate fast enough.

Before Rebecca left at the beginning of the week, we were able to enjoy a weekend at a cottage in Wisconsin thanks to some generous friends.  We rested, relaxed, watched a mediocre movie (It’s Complicated), read some, and explored the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which was only a short drive away (Menominee, MI).

We returned from our first real “vacation” during a summer mostly filled with paper writing, weddings, moving, and work.  It was a great way to say farewell as we parted ways for the rest of August.


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