Kentucky and Back

Well, after a long week last week, we successfully moved out of our apartment in Chicago.  Most of our belongings traveled via u-haul to a storage unit in Lexington, KY where we will be returning in February of 2011.  The rest of our stuff remains with us as we begin Rebecca’s externship rotations.  Before we head out to Ohio, though, we have some important objectives to complete in Chicago.  Rebecca finishes her Chicago rotation this week.  I finish CPE on August 19th and graduate form the UofC on August 27th. 

Rebecca and I will be separated for about three weeks starting this coming Monday.  Rebecca’s next externship site in Ohio begins before I finish CPE and graduate.  Thankfully, before Rebecca leaves, we will enjoy a weekend up in Wisconsin–relaxing and rejuvenating, thanks be to God (and Pip, who generously offered her cabin to us to enjoy).

I must also give a shout out to all the good people at Crestwood Christian Church in Lexington, KY who gave of their time and energy to help us move into our storage unit.  In addition, my good friend Kory Wilcoxson was instrumental in putting the help all together, chipping in with food and drink, sharing his physical prowess in moving boxes, offering us his home to stay the night, and granting us bottomless friendship.  Thanks Kory, Leigh, Sydney and Molly.

As of now, Rebecca and I are housesitting for friends of ours at the Div School who are out of town.  I’ve come to enjoy my time with Finn, their cat.  However, I don’t think I’ll want an inside pet any time in the future.  They are a lot of work and the hair is a little much for me.  Finn is a great companion to return to when I come home though; I will miss that.


2 thoughts on “Kentucky and Back

  1. Might I suggest that the terms ‘physical prowess’ are a little strong to describe Kory? But glad you had such good help down in Lexington. What a blessing!

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