Ordination, Biking and More

This weekend, Rebecca and I are traveling to Princeton, Illinois for a friend’s ordination service.  Neither of us have witnessed an ordination in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), so it is sure to be a meaningful experience on several levels.  After returning to the city, we will participate in the “Lateride.”  As a way to raise funds for Chicago’s city parks and programs, there is a latenight biking excursion along Lake Michigan and into some of the northside neighborhoods.  All in all, there are 25 miles of biking.  So, from 11pm to 2am, we’ll be riding through downtown Chicago and along the lakeshore.  We are both very excited.  Likely, we’ll adorn our helmets with glowsticks and stickers.

Last Sunday, we visited Trinity United Church of Christ.  We truly enjoyed the worship and the incredible preaching.  The choir, a drove of white-clad women and men, thundered praise music and gospel hymns.  Rev. Otis Moss III took to the pulpit and delivered a fantastic sermon; he was energetic, engaging, and deeply intelligent.  I was nodding, and “hmm”ing the whole time.  I think I belong in a call and response worship setting.

Rev. Moss preached on “the blues,” on the reality of lament, pain, and torment in the life of faith.  He focused on Psalm 137, exegeted “blues music,” and affirmed the life of faith as a complex, sometimes deeply saddening, adventure.  All of life’s emotions are appropriate before a God.  Sometimes, we need to sing the blues, and, even then, God is there.

This Sunday we are hoping to finally make it to Holy Covenant United Methodist.  We thought that last Sunday was the “kickoff” for the Sunday night service, but it turns out that it is this Sunday (makes sense since last Sunday night everyone was celebrating the fourth with fireworks).   My friend and colleague from the University of Chicago Divinity School, Rebecca Anderson, is preaching.  She is an excellent preacher, sensitive to the story-telling elements and the presence of God in preaching.  I look forward to her words.

Next week, my brother Phillip and his fiance Shannon are destined to be wed.  Rebecca and I will head down to Louisville, Kentucky for the wedding at the end of the week.  We both look forward to seeing family and friends as well as celebrating the joyous ceremony of marriage.  We wish Phillip and Shannon the best! (Though we are jealous that they’ll be enjoying the Pacific ocean waters in Mexico while we return to Chicago to pack and work…).

However, before we leave for Kentucky, I will complete my mid-unit evaluations for CPE at Montgomery Place.  I can’t believe we are half-way through the unit already.  The summer is going by so quickly.


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