4th of July Weekend

After a busy couple of weeks, Rebecca and I have a three day weekend to share together.  We had planned to pre-celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary by traveling to the Indiana Dunes and enjoying the beach, biking, and hiking.  We continued with that plan, though moved it to this weekend (our anniversary is the 12th).  We woke to a beautiful summer day, cloudless sky and gentle, refreshing breeze.  The sun was hot, but the temperature was not terrible.  We drove from Chicago to the south shore of Lake Michigan and into Indiana Dunes State Park.

We could just make out the Chicago skyline in the distance.  The scenerey was beautiful, though the park is sandwiched, unfortunately, between two smoke-stacks (an expected, sore site on the south shore).  The beaches were busy, but not crowded.  Rebecca and I laid out for some time, soaking up the sun–too much, it turns out, considering my application of sun-block was spotty and I now have random chunks of sunburn on my torso and lower lumbar. 

After enjoying a lunch Rebecca packed for us, I took a run down one of the nearby dunes.  As I climbed the 150 feet to the top, the sun on the sand turned the adventure into a foot-melting.  It felt as though I was walking on hot coals!  Needless to say, my run down the dune was much faster as a result!

After spending another hour or so reading and lounging, we packed out stuff and returned to the car.  We stowed our towels, books, and swimming gear and unloaded our bikes.  Rebecca and I have often lamented that our mountain bikes are not the greatest for the Chicago city-scape, we move much slower than those folks with road bikes who zip on by us as we labor along.  However, on this occasion, we were fortunate to have our mountain bikes.  The bike trail was mostly gravel and dirt, and our bikes were just what we needed for the twists, turns, mud, and puddles.

We biked for 18 miles, exhausted ourselves, and returned to the car.  We loaded our bikes and headed for Chicago, sun-soaked and leg-weary.  We grabbed a quike bite to eat at the Quaker Steak and Lube, a restaurant I’ve never been to; but the burger I ate sure hit the spot.

Today, after resting and sleeping in, Rebecca and I are headed to Trinity United Church of Christ–the church famous for all the coverage it received during the ’08 election.  It’s a large, afro-centric church–known for its community transformation and soul-rocking worship.  I’ve met the pastor, Otis Moss III, when he came in to the UofC for a chance to share his story of “call” to the ministry.  He was a dynamic, thoughful, engaging speaker, and I trust his sermons will share in that energy and charisma. 

Tonight, if we are up for it, we’ll head out to Holy Covenant United Methodist for their Sunday night kick-off service.  My friend and colleage at the UofC, Rebecca Anderson, is preaching.  It will be more contemplative, a candle-lit and quiet-oriented service.  Plus, there is rootbeer and pizza promised afterwards!  Sometimes, the gospel can promise to fill us on a number of levels!


One thought on “4th of July Weekend

  1. Michael,
    So glad you and Rebecca had these glorious days to share. Treasure them–especially in January! My friend in Lex says it is hotter than the hinges there–and humid with a 90 degree week promised. Maybe by the time you folks reach there, it will be cooler.
    I think the sermon went OK. I did the US flag and the Christian flag. No one had to use a shepherd’s crook to get me “off stage” and the thing I most worried about–getting UP after sitting on the stairs–went smoothly.
    We picnicked with friends, got home in time to watch the Capital Fourth and all in all had a good day.
    Wedding this Saturday–think we are ready.
    K and H

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