Summer Life and New Horizons

This week began my summer intensive in Clinical Pastoral Education at the Church Home at Montgomery Place.  I will work through Thursday, August 19th as a student intern.  While the summer promises to be busy, I am excited for the opportunities to learn, grow, and enrich my pastoral awareness.

I recently returned from a trip to Kentucky where I visited with my brother, celebrating his upcoming wedding with a bachelor party, and where I spent time with Kory Wilcoxson.  I remembered Kentucky as a place of hospitality, friendliness, and beautiful scenery; but I had forgotten how lively Lexington is and just how green the whole state is in the spring and summer.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and look forward to returning in the spring when Rebecca and I finish her optometry rotations in Lexington.  Over time, I just might learn to be a UK fan… but that’s no guarantee…

Unfortunately, I have not quite finished two projects that I must turn in soon in order to secure graduation status at the end of the summer.  Those papers–a Christian education curriculum and an exegetical paper on Acts 2:42-47–will make the transition away from school and into other work a little “smoother” and yet also busier.  I hope to complete those very soon!

Rebecca and I will visit new churches for the next few weeks.  We look forward to tasting the cutlure and diversity of church life in the city, though I am struggling to see myself as not (currently) a pastor.  My church experiences will slowly reinforce that reality to me, I’m sure.


3 thoughts on “Summer Life and New Horizons

  1. Miss you at CCC but keep blogging….Got a church for you to check out in the city…..Urban Village Church, google them to get to their site..I have not been there yet but will be going down some Sunday soon. Bless You!

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