Summer and Beyond

My final Sunday at CCC is here.  I can’t believe it.  Two years of pastoral ministry and three years of attendance have come and gone so quickly (see the article published in TribLocal, here).  I am deeply thankful for the support and encouragement, shaping and learning, and loving and giving that I experienced at CCC. 

Now, I move into the summer as a student chaplain at the Church Home at Montgomery Place.  I begin June 7 and finish August 26.  That next day, August 27, I will be graduating from the Unviersity of Chicago Divinity School. 

I will then re-join Rebecca in Alliance, Ohio where we will live through early November.  She is completing her optometry rotations and is working at a VA hospital in Canton for the fall.  I look forward to my time with her family, who we will live with in Alliance, especially the opportunities to better know my nephews, Ethan and Luke. 

Then, in November, Rebecca and I head down to Austin, Texas.  We will be located there for 4 months until the middle of February.  We will be away from family and friends, though we do have a few connections there.  We consider this our adventure site, and we are especially excited about the winter conditions after three long winters in Chicago.  However, this will likely be the most isolating experience for me:  a new town, no close friends or aquaintances, living in a hotel, a wife who is working 40+ hours/week.  Still, the lure of Austin promises unexpected treasures. 

After Austin, we move to Lexington, Kentucky.  We will stay there through May, when Rebecca graduates.  After that, who knows.  We are considering making Lexington a more permanent home, but we are open to alternatives.  The Spirit may blow us into a new place.   I am excited to be closer to my family in Louisville and back in a state that was my home for so many years.

Yet, I will deeply miss Chicago.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience here.  I will miss the academic community at the University of Chicago Divinity School, the support and relationships from the Disciples Divinity House, and the good people of Community Christian Church.  I hope and pray that analogous communities can be discovered in the places to come, but I know that I was uniquely blessed in Chicago.


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